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About the brand

The story

The brand character

Presence and stance is captivating as radiates confidence and is looked upon in amazement and admiration.  A passionate self-driven and self-disciplined individual that focuses attention on achieving goals and does not blame others for downfalls, as your destiny is in your hands and you have the power to determine the outcome.  Accepts that in every risk, there is lies an opportunity, as they do not exist in isolation of each other.  Strides for greatness as only greatness will suffice.   Oozes confidence coupled with a suave sensuality and debonair elegance.  Their fashion genre is the infusion of two eras to create urban vintage, a fashion genre of past, current and future creativity.  Entwined to form a strong bond, a bond so strong it will take control of future street styles, it’s urban, it’s vintage, it’s urban vintage mash up®.  It’s YOU, the one who possess these “Alpha” characteristics.  It’s Waverley G. clothing YOU.

About the brand owner
Waverley G. was created in Harrow, Middx by Waverley George, in October 2013 at the age of 50 years. Waverley worked for Diageo, a major FMCG corporation for 12 years where she gained experience in Marketing, Sales, Finance and Procurement. As well as holding down a nine to five job and raising and coaching her son to University Masters standard, she is also a landlady bursting with gusto, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, inner strength and determination. In March 2015, Waverley was bestowed with a gift, a gift of the responsibility of caring for her mother, whilst nurturing the growth of her brand, Waverley G, urban vintage mash up®.

The brand concept

The look and feel of the brand is of a premium standard and quality as consumers should only have the best as premium plays a paramount role in maintaining quality and longevity to fabric. The logos are bright with bold, strong urban street style, whilst encompassing a vintage range. Waverley G. wanted her logos to have personality, hence, the outside of the box creativity, representing freedom to be different and courage to free yourself from barriers.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, dig deep inside and find your inner power, stand strong, firm and soldier on for better things to come as your destiny is in your hands, do not be afraid to find your true self. Always focus on the positive and it is more likely that good things will happen.

A big thank you
Waverley G. would like to thank all the consumers who have supported the brand in the early stages and also to future consumers for their contribution to fulfilling the dreams of making Waverley G. the urban vintage mash up® brand of the future.

I hope that you find the journey and clothing range of Waverley G. inspiring.

It’s urban, it’s vintage, it’s urban vintage mash up®.

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