About the brand

The story

The Brand Character

Freedom, confidence and colourful!!  The brand looks to give you the chance to be different and individual against the mould.  No risk is without its rewards with fashion being a way to portray the lengths in which your character will go to find that.  Waverley G. uses its striking colours to light up the street with every step you take.  Isolation isn’t an option as style takes precedence wherever you go.  Strong, bold, different, that’s who you are!!


About the Brand Owner

Waverley G. was created in October 2013 at the age of 50.  The designer had worked for many large corporations where she gained vast experience in sales, marketing, finance and procurement. Already an entrepreneur in the property industry, she looked to add to her repertoire with fashion being a large part of her life from a young age, where her first job was working in a Boutique in West Ealing.  Her fashion flamboyance, gained her the title of “dressing garish” yet still she was not perturbed by this and continued to be bold, free and different.  Her passion enabled the launch in 2014 as she looked to take on the world of fashion to aspire people to be whatever they want to be.


The Brand Concept

The look and feel of the brand is of a premium standard.  Consumers should only acquire the best fabric, providing and maintaining a high quality matched with longevity.  Bright, bold colours allows the consumers to be different and feel confident.  Personality is vital and so the catalogue of products looks to attract every consumer in a different way.  

The brand looks to increase confidence, inner strength and positivity, because looking good and doing you will make you feel good.  


A big thank you

Waverley George would like to thank all consumers who have supported the brand in the early stages till now. Their contribution hasn’t gone unnoticed as we continue to provide the world with top quality products and ways to feel and look different.  

Continue the journey with us.


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